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Irony of Bonsai

A staggering amount of $1.3 million was paid for a  centuries-old Bonsai tree. While the amount itself is surprising, yet the art of curating a bonsai tree is even more interesting. It represents patience, craftsmanship and hard work over generations.  

Ironically from a tree's perspective, despite all the care, recognition and monetary value, it's still a minuscule version of what it could have been. It's a centuries-old tree, beautifully groomed in a pot. 

Once in a while, unknowingly we also become Bonsai tree. We view ourselves from the eyes of the spectators. We feel content with the appreciation of others. We measure our existence in terms of financial success. We think too highly of ourselves when in reality we are just a miniature version of what we could have been.  

The beauty of nature is reflected in fully grown wild trees, rather than showpieces of interest. Though sometimes it's comforting to be a bonsai, yet we were not born to be one. So go ahead and live your life, like it's meant to be. 

Be the fullest tree in the wild, be a home to birds, be a shade to the animals. Be a beacon of freedom, of growth, of life. 


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