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Words are precious

Within a few minutes, mind has drawn it's iron curtains and curtailed any sound originating from the person sitting in the front. Eyes lacked such privilege hence stayed open, yet gaze had the liberty to travel to the far off lands leaving the frozen body behind with the most sincere smile to hide the emotional upheaval.  

Many times we come across great individuals, who's believes humbly genuflects towards quantity instead of quality. Though they believe in the old proverb of "more the merrier", yet fail to appreciate the beauty of saying something meaningful in fewer words.  

Imagine a lion who believes, during every hunt it must run for 10 minutes. Sounds silly right. Now consider a salesperson who believes he must utter every word he has memorized about the services he is selling, irrespective of the feedback already given by the client.  


Words are precious. We must use them wisely.


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