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Valley of Shadows

While traversing through different phases of life, he reached a place he has never imagined. The place which is so different from what he has ever thought existed. The place which is darker than the darkness and colder than the cold.  

He has progressed through various places in his journey. He has seen the comforts and pains of the world. He has reached miles away from where he started, on a hunch. A simple feeling which told him to start moving. No calculations were made. No direction was decided. Only one commitment, never step back, ever.  

And now here he is. Standing at the doorstep of place so different. Something tells him, its time. He should give in. He should move back. All senses support that voice. But deep somewhere inside him in a lonely corner, that voice of the commitment still echo's, "never step back". Every sense, every muscle of his body pushed him backwards. Told him, again and again, to step back. Reminded him of his journey, of his achievements, of his struggles. Every molecule in his body putting in its best efforts to stop him.  

But that single lonely voice doesn't suppress. It doesn’t fade away. It doesn’t go silent. That single commitment echoes louder than everything else. Perhaps its because it was made by him to himself. Because it's his word to himself. How can he fall short on his own words? How can he now step back?  

Or maybe he should listen to his worldly senses, to his knowledge, to his thoughts of impending danger.  

Finally, for the nth time, he closed his eyes and took a step. Only this time, his body moves backwards. Then another step back, then another. And then suddenly he stopped. He looked ahead, afraid, concerned yet mulled the courage and reminded himself, he can't step back. His fear can never win him over. So he commanded his mind and body to move forward. What will be the outcome he doesn’t know. Where he will reach, he doesn’t know. What he will find, he doesn’t know. The only thing he knows, he kept his commitment to himself for another day. This thought itself brought comfort to him and he stepped into the valley of shadows with a smile. 


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