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I am fine..

I am fine; one of the biggest lie spoken every single day.

We all go through our own emotional struggle, yet bravely face the world and proclaim "I am fine".

Globally, an increasing number of professionals are succumbing to stress, anxiety and even depression. Moreover, the WHO is also ringing alarm bells in relation to the repercussions of burnout.

Just like most of us, I have also been sitting on the fence watching my friends, colleagues, and neighbours falling prey to this epidemic. And one fine day, it was time to say; "Enough, let's do something".

That's how "famous firefly" was born. It's an initiative to drive change in the mindset towards emotional well being. We will create awareness, educate professionals and collaborate with like-minded people to tackle this behemoth.

Why call it firefly? Firstly, it's one of the very few well-known things in the world which have a positive relationship with almost everyone. Secondly, it also represents the significance and influence of being one-self, irrespective of external appearances or circumstances.

Just like a firefly, we have to rely on ourselves and enlighten the world with our internal energy. To put this point forward, we have published our first book "The Art of Self-reliance - A timeless secret to success", which is available at Amazon

Also, we will be supporting the Mental Health Foundation UK. The sales proceeds from this book will be contributed towards building a stronger world.

As with any change, one person can only start, but it needs the help and efforts of everyone else to make a real impact. So, will request each one of you to join us on our social channels and together let's drive this change.


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