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Time v/s Priority

19.8 billion is the number of results shown when we google word TIME as compare to only 855 million results for the word PRIORITY.  It's just a live example of how much importance we give to time as compare to priority. 

It's no wonder, more than often we come across someone complaining lack of time as the key reason for every turbulence in their lives.  No time for fitness, no time for family, no time for hobbies, no time for friends, no time to pursue dreams and the list goes on. 

But is it really time to blame? As a matter of fact, we all have the same amount of time in a day, yet some of us do well and some of us struggle. 

The reason for our struggle is not time but our lack of ability to prioritize. We spend too much time trying to squeeze in as many things as possible in a short time and try to run as fast as we can to tick the boxes of our to-do list. In this race, we forget to prioritize the tasks. We consider everything is important, as we don’t want to do hard work of selecting something over the other. And this is the underlying problem. We fail, not because of time but because of wrong priorities. 

So going forward, try not to waste time in search for the time. Invest time to priorities things, you will never run short of time.


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