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  • Writer's pictureSukhpreet Ghataura

So what do you think?

Ever wondered why aliens in our movies look so sinister?

Although we think there are more evolved living species in the space yet we project them as monstrous as possible.

So if we are not alone in the universe and if there is another life form in the space, is it really so frightful. Even if the answer is maybe, then why we mostly project them in such a terrifying manner.

Similarly, why are we almost heading towards a dystopian future? Why most of us will become unhealthy, emotionally broken and living like scavengers?

The answer lies not in the space or far in the future, but in our mind. We as homo sapiens are always apprehensive of the unknown. To make things worse, if we think the unknown will be more powerful than us, we start fearing it. So isn't it possible that we are victims of our own thinking, rather than reality?

Isn't it possible that aliens are better looking than us and the future will be even better than the present?


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