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  • Writer's pictureSukhpreet Ghataura

Magnificent Desolation

NASA spent more than USD25 Billion on Apollo mission and succeeded in putting the first man on the moon.  It represented the culmination of efforts by hundreds of thousands of people over multiple decades to achieve this feat.  

When Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, stepped out of the space vehicle, he described his view as "Magnificent Desolation". Two simple words in perfect juxtaposition to define the beauty of nothingness.  

All our lives we strive to be something. We keep on seeking something. When we get it, we start looking for something more. It's a life on a hamster wheel.  

Contradictory to popular opinion of always striving for something and keeping our mind engaged in the endless pursuit of something, perhaps once in a while we shall try the pursuit of nothingness.  

It's a state where our mind is not pulled down by any gravitating matters but floats freely in the emptiness. It's a state of mind, which yogis also refer as Nirvana.

Think of times, when we were just wandering in the forest or giving the stranger a helping hand or painting something random or just lying down and looking into the thin air. Though we are physically active, yet our mind is not expecting anything in return.   

By spending some time in the pursuit of nothingness, our mind rejuvenates, feels revived, feels healed. It’s a state, our mind craves. 

So as the world get together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, give yourself a chance to explore the beauty of nothingness.  



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