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Ending is not the end

By the very law of nature, at some point, everything has to come to an end.  Even the brightly lit Sun will come to an end in about 5 billion years. Nothing goes on forever, be it the mightiest animal, the tallest tree, or even the greatest civilizations.  


On a personal level, we also experience many endings, like our jobs, career, business, friendships, relationships, etc. There's always an ending. Endings that we expect and prepare ourselves and endings we don’t expect or don’t want to face. But there is always an ending. 

Things become challenging when we try to exchange the ending of one thing with other different things. Like, after ending a great relationship many of us try to cover the gap by focusing more on work or exercising routines. Despite our best efforts things don’t improve and the constant pain stays forever.  

But, if we accept the ending as a part of life's journey and move on to the next chapter, every ending becomes a sign for a new beginning.  As iron is cut by an iron, only a new habit can replace the old habit, likewise only a new start placates the pain of the previous ending.  

Every ending brings with it a new start. A new possibility. A new hope. A new day.  Embrace the endings, so the future can unfold.


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