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Her Purple Cloud.png

Her Purple Cloud

The little girl lives in a small secluded village facing it's severest drought in ages. Her family is planning to leave their home along with other villagers in search of greener pastures. But she is reluctant to leave and will do anything to save her village.


A water droplet, with a dream to explore the world is contemplating to either move out of the comforts of his deep dark well or give up his dreams for a life of normalcy.


A twist of events set them on a journey far beyond their own imagination. Now they can live their dreams and save their worlds, provided they don't run out of time.

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The Age of Pandemic

A novel virus has crept into humans, and dead bodies have started piling up. Consequently, a bustling city of nine million people is quarantined. There is chaos, death, and despair all around. 


Mark Kaiser, a man of rare talent and ingenuity,  travels to meet his aunt and get stranded in the city under lockdown. Unknown to the world, he is the brains behind discovering the cure for the past three pandemics. 

Now confined miles away from his lab, he had to choose between staying anonymous or not? Being Mark, he took the middle path and..

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The Art of Self Reliance.jpg

The Art of Self-Reliance

Are you living a good life and still feel that something is missing? That persistent feeling of emptiness and absence of meaning still chases you? Do you still wonder, what you have become instead of what you could have? Then it’s a time to understand your true self and create the life you deserve.


In this book, you will learn a timeless secret of creators, of change-makers, of trendsetters. It’s an age-old philosophy of Self Reliance, which teaches us how to harness the power of our potential. 

You will also learn the A.C.E. methodology. A step by step guide of discovering and accepting yourself, creating the future you deserve and embracing the life’s transformational journey. 

You have the right and a responsibility to live a better, happier and more fulfilling life. Take a step forward and embrace it.

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Sukhpreet is represented by Wendy Yorke. Click here for her contact details.

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